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toepuff glue

  • Toepuff Cement for Shoes

    Contact NowToepuff Cement for ShoesProduct Descriptions: hot melt adhesive counter is one of the superior shoemaking materials.It makes use of anti-siphon materials to replace traditional chemical sheets to make shoes’ toe box and counter,which improves production efficiency,the shoes shaped become 100% environmentally-friendly...Read More

  • EVA/TPU/Nylon Glue Hot Melt Powder

    Contact NowEVA/TPU/Nylon Glue Hot Melt PowderProduction Description: (1)Apperance: yellowish granulated solid sustains (2)Characteristic: polyamide hot melt adhesive formed by the high-temperature condensation reaction of dimer acid and the multi-dimensional amine.It is able to dissolve in general organic solvent .Its melt viscosity has...Read More

  • Hot Melt Glue Sheet Laminating Machine for Shoemaking

    Contact NowHot Melt Glue Sheet Laminating Machine for ShoemakingApplication: This kind of machine is designed and manufactured by taking the advanced technology from home and abroad. It can be applied in all kinds of shoe materials, such as hot melt adhesive sheet, counter, cloth and so on. Main Characteristics: 1.The main parts, such as screw, roller and...Read More