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How To Choose Quality Glue Hot Melt Machine? Oct 18, 2016

Hot melt Adhesive machines currently on the market a wide range of functions vary, so how to choose their own use of hot-melt Adhesive machine? Choice of hot melt Adhesive machine and pay attention to what issues? We introduce the following:Customers select the hot-melt Adhesive machine, one can choose according to established products glue hot melt machine types, such as select dual-head hot meltglue dispenser, roll glue machine, desktop, hot melt adhesives, hot-melt glue coating machine, hot melt Adhesive machine function is not the same. Automatic hot melt adhesive spray machine is widely applicable to self-adhesive labels, medical dressings, furniture manufacturing, automobile accessories, air purification, fabric, leather, packaging industry spray industry. Products per minute on the second can produce, each product amount of glue, and calculated how much adhesive quantityper hour. According to the amount of adhesive to choose hot-melt adhesives hostcapacity. Typically, hot melt Adhesive machine has said how many kg is the amountper hour melt adhesives. This needs more practical applications to choose from. Can choose a bigger one as a backup. Glue on the third is based on product requirements for accuracy, whether or not line of site easy to use and the choice of different models of hot melt adhesive. IV select a reliable quality products and services, this is to ensure the safe use of a foundation. This hot melt Adhesive machine products to purchase some products before trial or consultation, equipment manufacturers give detailed instructions for use and application.