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Hot-melt Adhesives Application Oct 17, 2016

Is the use of hot-melt adhesives for industrial heat can melt the coating cools afterrapid solidification characteristics, for purposes of bond of the substrate. So hot-melt adhesives should be the most basic function is to melt hot melt Adhesive andsubstrate can be coated. So we glue hot melt machine can be defined as: a hot melt Adhesive melting solid can be. and by pressurizing device will be melted into aliquid adhesive to the coating unit coating against substrates. set temperature control, compression function, liquid transfer functions and extrusion coating of mechanical and electrical equipment.These partial functions complement each other and are indispensable. Which link failure cannot be normal spraying work.Toy (bonded, fixed, wiring, insulation); small box seal box, and packaging; handbags leather purses; small appliances, and wire, and joint, and received plug-in; audio, and like box; identifies label; small hardware fixed; small paper products bonded and fixed; small jewelry, and crafts, and Hairpin,; electronic products fixed, and bonded, and insulation; other need with rubber of manual or semi-automatic using.