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Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet Machine Enterprise For Advancing With The Times May 15, 2017

In the rapid economic development today, the production of enterprises only continue to improve production efficiency and strict quality control, reduce production costs, in order to gain market development advantages, so that enterprises better development. In recent years, enterprises for advancing with the times, continuous improvement and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment to promote development. Our company is also the pursuit of excellence in quality, and constantly blaze new ideas for the faith, with the hot melt machine technology continues to improve its automation level, production efficiency, quality of operation, have a great improvement, our hot melt machine also Excellent performance, as China and the Asia-Pacific region's most prominent hot melt adhesive spray coating and coating equipment manufacturers, the role of production in the enterprise is also growing, can effectively promote the production of automatic level, by the The majority of customer satisfaction and support.

       Our hot melt film machine is a hot melt adhesive for hot melt adhesive, scraping gum, rubber, glue, glue and so on the way of automatic application equipment, the device can be widely used in household items such as diapers, Mouse and so on a one-time supplies, the other for the automotive industry, interior seal, lamp manufacturing, air filter, production of shoes, electronic product assembly, and so very many industry applications, is an indispensable enterprise automation The application of equipment.

Our hot melt film machine according to the needs of customers and market development, and constantly improve the hot melt machine in all aspects of performance, effectively promote the production of efficient, high-quality, is the cause of your solid backing.

1, choose their own products for hot melt film machine, do not choose the hot melt because of the price of hot melt adhesive;

2, to check the gun nozzle on time, regularly clean the glue gun nozzle, to prevent the garbage around the nozzle caused by drawing;

3, a reasonable adjustment of the distance between the nozzle and the contact, not because of the inappropriate distance caused by drawing;

4, choose the right product of their glue gun, do not buy the glue gun because of cheap;

5, hot melt film machine temperature do not tune too high, if too high, hot melt adhesive becomes too thin, resulting in drawing;

6, spray gun spray speed can not be too slow, too slow will cause drawing;

7, the choice of good value for money hot melt film machine, otherwise it will be drawing together;