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Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Specially Designed And Customized May 15, 2017

Hot melt adhesive machine is mainly used for hot melt adhesive spray, scraping gum, roll rubber, glue, glue the application of automation equipment. Widely used in household items (diapers, sanitary napkins, mousetraps, cockroaches and other disposable items), the automotive industry (interior seal, lamp manufacturing, windscreen assembly, air filter, non-woven composite, (Trademark paper, label double-sided tape, medical breathable tape), book binding, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging industry, And other industries.

So we can say that the melt melt machine in the melting, melting are not entirely correct. Rolling machine is a hot melt machine in a way, but the glue is used to roll the way, in the hot melt machine it is the most simple equipment (only under the rolling machine). And some special plate, paper products on the use of plastic melan machine will be specially designed custom.

⒈ plastic box on the surface layer of Teflon coated

Layer to prevent carbonization, to ensure the best state of glial, to reduce congestion. 2, gear pump using frequency control, precise control of glue output.

⒊ precision filter device to remove impurities, to prevent nozzle clogging.

⒋ temperature using precise PID intelligent control

⒌ control system with high and low temperature protection, to prevent damage to equipment

Hot melt machine into the Chinese market is in the mid-eighties, and the Chinese machinery manufacturers to manufacture this equipment is also in the nineties. Initially hot melt machine is used in small cosmetics and other industries, followed by sanitary napkins, The packaging industry began to use hot melt adhesives, so in mainland China and Eastern European countries, the Middle East countries also began to use the hot melt machine this industrial equipment.At the end of the 20th century, many people into the hot melt machine into civilian equipment, This is wrong, while the hot melt machine, hot melt machine, coating machine is also called the name is not entirely correct.

Melter installed

⒈ installation of hot melt machine, you must connect a correct and effective grounding wire. Any equipment that uses high-voltage equipment requires a ground wire. When the ground wire is not used, it is still possible to form a voltage conductor on any hot-melt machine, and there may be a danger of electric shock.

⒉ According to the hot melt machine and its subsidiary peripheral equipment required to check the use of the power cord, and insulation protection is in line with the provisions of the wire load must be higher than the rated capacity of hot melt machine.

⒊ to ensure that the outside world connected to the hot melt machine voltage is in line with the hot melt machine itself, such as single-phase 220v voltage standard hot melt machine equipment if the use of 380V power supply will damage the hot melt machine spraying equipment, such as single-phase 220v Voltage standard hot melt machine equipment If you use less than 220V power supply, can not achieve the equipment design performance, may also damage the hot melt machine, wiring should ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the outside of the broken electrical position.

⒋ ensure that the hot melt machine operating at a specified voltage, if the voltage used is different from the specified, may cause the hot melt machine was burned.