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Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Product Features Oct 17, 2016

Hot melt applicator. therefore we can say that dissolved in the hot melt Adhesivemachine, melting is not entirely correct. Rolling machine is a kind of hot melt adhesives, glue was used on roller ways, in hot-melt adhesives, it is the simplest equipment (refers only to roll down the rubber machine). While some special plates, paper products plastic glue rolling machine is specially designed to order.

1. Plastic box at the surface with Teflon coatedHot-melt adhesivesHot-melt adhesivesAvoid carbonization and best ensure that gliomas, reduce clogging.

2, gear pumps frequency conversion speed regulation, accurate control of output.

3.Precision filter removes impurities, preventing nozzle clogging.

4.Adopts accurate PID intelligent temperature control (see below)

5.control system has high and low temperature protection function prevents equipment damage

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