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Hot-melt Adhesive Machine For Your Convenience Oct 18, 2016

Hot plasticity of Sol is an adhesive, is solid at room temperature and heated will melt quickly bonded. Bollen production of hot Sol machine has many type, has handheld type of hot melt rubber machine, and hot melt rubber machine playing rubber machine, and pressure pump hot melt rubber spray rubber machine, and gear pump Sol spray rubber machine, and gear pump single head hot melt rubber points rubber machine, and gear pump double head points rubber machine, and small hot Sol machine and so on, these hot melt rubber machine of stick received very of quickly, General from coated rubber to cooling stick prison, only need dozens of seconds or several seconds time. It is very widely used, adhesive can extend to material polyolefin, wax paper, carbon paper, particularly the use of hot-melt Adhesive bonded joints, suffered more than 105-106 of bending and not crack.

Hot melt Adhesive machine which began no one knows, it is only since the mid-80entering the China market, which really started by the China machinery equipmentproducer was in the 90 's. The first time, hot-melt Adhesive machine is only with cosmetics and other small industries, later, packaging and other industries began touse hot melt glue coating machine. At the time of our initial contact of hot-melt glue equipment, many foreign companies have long used this kind of equipment. With the development of society, more Chinese industries using hot-melt adhesives, hot melt adhesive to the various industries to easier and faster.