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Hot Melt Adhesive Composition And Characteristics Oct 17, 2016

Hot-melt Adhesive components, namely basic resin is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers formed under high pressure, coupled with viscosity, viscosity modifiers, antioxidants made from hot-melt adhesive. Polyurethane polyurethane include pressure-sensitive adhesives glue and PUR

WaterPressure sensitive adhesives: hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesives, mainly composed of rubber and resin and rubber oil mixed into a melting melt coating on cotton paper, cloth or plastic film substrate made of a new type of adhesive tape, low cost is the biggest advantage of defects issignificantly affected by temperature viscosity. Major applied all kinds of email boxes, letter boxes, paper packaging, bottle labels, sealing foil, flexible packaging andother packaging green paper pallets, adapt to various types of materials.

Seal box rubber on various glazing, and polished, and pressure light, and PP composite, PET, and PP transparent box, and film, and no spinning cloth products stick received, cosmetics box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette case packaging, Lee Le beverage packaging,, and assembled furniture seal side, electronics, and car interior sealed, headlights manufacturing, wind glass Assembly,), and no spinning cloth health towel, diapers, paper diaper, insoles, one-time life supplies, and coated cloth composite trademark paper, label double tape, stick rat Board, stick flies paper, wood floor, carpet had rubber, create can posted, medical Breathable tape, box, carton packaging adhesives, adhesive tape and other materials have a strong adhesion; better thermal stability, no impurities, good action, excellent weatherability; unique to aluminum foil sealing hot-melt Adhesive water resistant, waterproof characteristics.