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Hot Melt Adhesive Application Knowledge Oct 17, 2016

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic Binder, at a certain temperature within its physical state changes with temperature and chemical characteristics unchanged, the nonpoisonous and tasteless, is environment-friendly chemical products. Hot-melt glue isused hot melt Adhesive machine through the thermal melt hot melt, melt Adhesiveafter becoming a liquid, by hot-melt adhesives hot melt Adhesive tube and hot melt glue gun, to the adhesive surface, is completed after cooling hot melt adhesivebonding. Hot-melt Adhesive equipment, the choice of hot melt machine, to consider the cost and efficiency. According to the speed, the box shape and sealed form,production sites, proper layout of hot melt equipment and pipes, nozzles and ancillary support equipment, automated spray adhesive or semi-automatic spray adhesive, then play the advantages of hot-melt adhesive to achieve maximum impact and economic benefit. In General, using automatic or semi-automatic glue hand greatly develop hot-melt Adhesive in industrial production of speed and cost advantages.