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Hot Glue Many Types May 15, 2017

 Many types of hot melt adhesive film, depending on the thickness of the melting point of choice for their own is particularly important, this article will introduce you to choose the choice of hot melt film method and precautions:

    1, what do you need to bond material? Different materials, hot melt adhesive, the bonding fastness of different materials is different, there is no glue on all the material is greater than all other adhesives, such as polyurethane on the textile fabric fastness, and the PE plastic bonding strength Almost zero;

    2, the maximum energy of your material how much temperature heating. For example, the maximum temperature of your material can not exceed 130 ℃, then you have to choose the melting point of less than 130 ℃ hot melt adhesive, because if the processing temperature does not reach the melting point of glue, glue did not melt, adhesion is almost zero;

    3, you use the adhesive after the product, whether to take into account the soft touch? Do you want to take into account the use of high temperature or low temperature environment? Do you want to go through the water? Do you want to dry clean? Do you want to continue to stretch? If you have the above requirements, it is necessary to select the corresponding performance of the film.

    4, if there are a variety of plastic can choose, choose the most cost-effective plastic; can meet your requirements in the case of bonding, choose the thinnest glue (glue thinner, the cheaper the price).

    Selection of hot melt adhesive film as a binder, has the following advantages:

    1, clean - soft and smooth, green;

    2, environmental protection - hot melt powder, solvent and other raw materials company production, and through environmental certification, from the source of environmental protection;

    3, efficient - fast bonding speed, a few seconds to achieve;

    4, safety - no solvent, the production process without operating risks;

    5, hot melt adhesive on some of the material fastness is particularly strong, the performance is better than glue;

    6, can be automated production - the use of hot laminating machine can achieve efficient large-scale production;

    7, portable - materials with plastic for sale, need to use only a hot, save to find glue, with glue, glue the trouble of water;

    8, can be repeatedly paste - bonding hot melt adhesive once, can be heated stripping, peeled off the product, can be heated again by bonding up;

    9, functional characteristics - hot melt adhesive resistance to dry cleaning, washable, low temperature, high temperature and other types of hot melt adhesive selection;

    10, can be used as a binder and sealant at the same time.

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