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Prospect of the future development of hot-melt glue coating machine Oct 18, 2016

Hot-melt Adhesive equipment can also be called hot melt machine, the device structure is relatively simple, in terms of repair and maintenance is also more convenient, while selling when a failure, and easier maintenance. The origin of the hot-meltAdhesive equipment from abroad, but as technology advances, also produces domestic hot-melt Adhesive equipment, but overall speaking, domestic hot-melt Adhesive equipment in imported equipment, and still has a lot of room for improvement.

Currently many trades need to use hot melt spraying machine. In the packaging industry, and staff need for packing boxes are assembled in the Assembly when, in order to be better fixed up in the box, this time will need to be sealed using glue,and glue hot melt Adhesive equipment-needs help.

In the health industry, is to use hot melt spraying machine. There is exclusive use of the child's parents for a child in diapers will not be unfamiliar, and ends of the diapers will have a paste, the paste is hot-melt Adhesive equipment was able to render with the help of, and like some rolls of paper sealed, using hot-melt Adhesiveequipment.

In addition to the above mentioned package industry and sanitary industry needs to use to glue hot melt machine, like the car industry, the domestic industry needs to use some. Meanwhile, as technology advances, the equipment is more and more exquisite. Therefore, most industry insiders said, future development of hot meltAdhesive equipment will also be more and more brilliant.