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Hot melt coater coating preparations Oct 18, 2016

Hot melt glue coating machine to make the following preparations before coating,to ensure the smooth progress of work:
1, select the appropriate type of paper materials, hot melt glue coating machine maximum coating width of 300mm, maximum diameter of material is 400mm;
2, according to the material to be coated, adjust the blow gun mouth copper scraper width, and adjust scraper position;Blow gun adjustment method: scraping the mouth in the middle of two drum whendrum is the cylinder top up, scraping the mouth should be lower than the highest roller 10MM;
3, materials to glue coater roll air rising shaft on the left;
4, glue to connect the materials according to the guidelines indicated hot melt glue coating machine winding air rising shaft on the right;
5, on the winding air rising shaft must have a paper tube with the coating materialin the size and paper material with tape and taped;
6, adjust the deviation-sleeve of three groups, to align the sleeve ends and the unwinding of material;
7, Kimi on the lock centering sleeve screws;
8, with an air gun in front of the pneumatic end winding and unwinding inflatable air rising shaft, fixed the winding and unwinding;
9, adjust the air pressure in each group, down pressure for 2Kg/cm3, (only when the glue without rollers), spray gun pressure of 4Kg/cm3, tension and pressure of2Kg/cm3 and squeegee pressure of 2Kg/cm3.