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Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in furniture Oct 18, 2016

Since hot melt adhesives machinery and equipment was introduced into China in the 80 's when attention and entered a period of development in the 90 's, some ofour machinery and equipment makers also developed belongs to our own devices, widely used in various industries. With the development of science and technology, the device is of a higher level of research and development in the industry in the field of application was concerned, no longer is a rare thing.

And it is most important in the process of development of hot melt spraying machine, which is widely used in the furniture industry, wood industry, used for edge banding, plywood relief, mosaics, furniture tenoned. Because of our early such devices is dependent on the introduction of other European countries, but in recent years, China's machinery manufacturers are not far behind, in research and development in this area is constantly made new breakthroughs, new score, developed usingsome automation, more in the various industry sectors, is a natural thing.

Hot-melt Adhesive machine wash in the furniture industry in the field of clothing, you can improve the quality and grades of furniture, and improve the efficiency of their production is also very helpful. And also can reduce the difficulty of the wholeenterprise, reduce the labor intensity of workers, so too the machinery and equipment, should not be used in the furniture industry will be odd.