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Hot melt Adhesive machine for installation issues Oct 18, 2016

Hot-melt Adhesive machine at install time security considerations:
1. install the hot-melt Adhesive machine must be connected to a correct and effective grounding. Any device that uses high voltage needs to have the ground wire, when not using the grounding wire, insulator protection on any hot melt Adhesive machine components, still may be voltage conductor, the risk of electric shock.
2. According to the hot-melt Adhesive and its subsidiary peripheral equipment needed to load, check the power cable you are using, and insulation protection for compliance, the load of the wire must be rated higher than the hot-melt Adhesive machine.
3. ensure outside connected to hot melt rubber machine of voltage is meet hot melt rubber machine itself, as single-phase 220V voltage standard of hot melt rubber machine equipment if using 380V power Shi will damaged hot melt rubber machine spray equipment, as single-phase 220V voltage standard of hot melt rubber machine equipment if using below 220V of power Shi, cannot reached equipment design performance, also may damaged hot melt rubber machine, wiring Shi should ensure its power line right of received Yu outside of power device of location Shang.
4. ensure that the hot melt Adhesive machine operates at a specified voltage, voltage different from the type used if specified, can cause hot melt Adhesive machinewas burned.