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Hot-melt Adhesive machine features details Oct 18, 2016

Spray type:

Strip, spiral fog, fibrous, punctate, columnar, shaving gel, etc.Application fields:

Packaging fabric, tape, non-woven fabric, filter, auto parts industry, furniture industry and environmental protection industry, and so on. Combination machines can be automated.


1, the installation of vertical pump, simple structure, easy maintenance.

2, plate design simple and reasonable. Large filter area, circulation and concise. Four outputs match up two spare output interface.

3, return valve adjustment and disassembly of filter design at sheet metal outside.Within the maximum convenient and clean plate.Internal double penetration 

4, melting jar Teflon (Teflon) coating effectively reducecarbonization. Bottom with progressive fin heating tank boost heating efficiency. External special insulation multiple isolation insulation.

5, the power inverter motor drive gear pump, and the realization of precision metering pumps can be efficient and accurate gum stable and continuous.

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