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Application of hot-melt Adhesive in automobile industry Oct 18, 2016

At present, hot-melt Adhesive machines have gradually penetrated into the car industry, and ushered in the good reputation and influence, then what are the hot melt Adhesive application in the automotive industry?
1, fast, the entire binding process takes only seconds to complete the 1-3 (or evenfaster).
2, small space, hot-melt Adhesive body small, just a small amount of space.
3, the lowest-cost production cost per unit of product.
4, good adhesion, high bonding strength and overall strength of glued cartons after strengthening, carton warp and crack.
5, no waste disposal problems. Comply with environmental requirements, export packaging requirements.
6, security roles, citing packaging materials ever being open.
7, you can adjust the different spray patterns, to play a role in identification and security.