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Polyamide Resin Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Adhesive for Rolling Edge

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    Adhesive for Rolling Edge

    Product Description: The product has the advantages of low viscosity,great liquidity,high bonding strength and so forth. Appearance: Faint yellow and hyaline Softening temperature: 100 ~ 140℃ Viscosity(mPa.S/190℃): 2000 ~ 6000 Low-temperature toughness: -5℃ and non-breakingRead More

  • Rolling Edge Adhesive for Shoes

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    Rolling Edge Adhesive for Shoes

    Product Description: Heel adhesive tape is applied to the toe cap of woman’s shoes and casual shoes for use and it has the advantages of environmental protection,convenient usage and saving labour.The product using our heel adhesive tapes are worn comfortable,durable and...Read More

Chengtai Industrial is one of the leading China polyamide resin hot melt adhesive manufacturers and suppliers, which is equipped with a professional and productive factory. They are designed and manufactured by professional staff and advanced equipment. Should you are interested, please feel free to import polyamide resin hot melt adhesive made in China from us.