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Our company,found in 2001,is a private enterprise and specializes in hot melt adhesive equipment and a series of hot melt hot melt adhesive shoe materials such as adhesive tapes(V8 toepuff cement),low-temperature hot melt adhesive sheets,non-woven hot melt glue sheets,etc.Supported by majority of clients,our company obtain the development and possess.Under the functional need of market,,our company introduced advanced technology and management at home and abroad in 2005 and specializes in the production of hot melt adhesive machinery and hot melt adhesive series product.

Our products are divided into machinery、V8 hot melting adhesive tape and high-end hot-melt adhesive sheets.The machinery includes low-temperature hot-melt adhesive sheet machines(specialize in manufacturing low-temperature hot-melt adhesive sheets with German quality)、one-step counter forming machines applied to sports shoe industry making use of powdery raw material、low-temperature hot melt adhesives automatic shaving machines used in shoe factories,etc.

We possess presently advanced production equipment and professional and technical services team.Our quality ideas:manufacture quality standing on the position of customers.Possession:Dongguan Goodman New Material Technology co.,ltd professionally providing sports shoe industry,casual shoe industry and other customers of outdoor special purpose shoes with one-step counter forming services,Dongguan Haoguan Industrial Co.,Ltd professionally providing woman’s shoe factories,leather shoe factories and other factories with V8 hot melting adhesive tapes(toepuff cement), low-temperature hot-melt adhesive sheets(high quality,equal to German quality of products) and other services,Dongguan Chengtai Shoe Materials Co.,Ltd professionally providing shoe factories with one-step counter forming machines,low-temperature hoe melt adhesive pressing machines(full-automatic shaving machines) and other services.The vast new and old clients are provided for superior services and welcomed to talk over face to face or call negotiate.